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Why we are Superior

  • 42" and 48" Panels
  • Continuous angle encapsulated by safety bend, used to hold panels to true radius
  • Gusset channel stiffener at a maximum of 2’
  • Corrosion resistant visible welds covered with zinc based paint
  • 14 Gauge, G235 Galvanized ASTM 526 Steel
  • 2” x 2” A-Frame stiffening system

In addition to the exceptional performance history, we have engineered calculations and computer finite element models of our panels. The drawings are stamped by a professional engineer for many US States and Canadian Provinces.
Our panels have been welded with silicon bronze using MIG welding method. This adds material rather than melting the two surfaces together like stud welding. The four corners are welded and four places on each gusset stiffener. Silicon Bronze is a corrosion resistant alloy with a low melting point which allows welding to occur at lower temperature than conventional welding (or stud welding). After the weld is made, a zinc rich paint is applied to the weld to provide both galvanic and isolation corrosion protection.