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Elevate your pool with the vibrant "Plaza" liner, featuring a bright blue base complemented by a striking yellow grid border. This energetic design brings a lively and playful vibe to any poolside, perfect for creating a festive and welcoming environment.


  • Vibrant Design: The bright blue and yellow pattern is cheerful and inviting.
  • Quality Material: Resistant to wear and fading, the liner is built to last.
  • Custom-measured: Each liner is tailored using PicSURE technology for a perfect fit.
  • Easy to Clean: The surface allows for effortless maintenance.
  • Our Promise: We stand behind our liners, guaranteeing your satisfaction with their vibrant and durable design.

Ideal for:

  • Pools that want to stand out with a fun and lively look.
  • New or renovated pools looking to add a splash of color.
  • Homeowners who desire a fresh and festive aesthetic for their swimming area.